Attitude Behavior Clothing: How it all Started

by Shanikki Peterson on Nov 08, 2017

Attitude Behavior Clothing: How it all Started

So most may wonder how I started selling Exotic Dancewear and what makes me qualified.  Well I can say I did go to school for Fashion Design and I never imagined making clothing for the entertainment industry, but hey shit happens and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.  So to tell my story.  It all began with my homegirl at the time, she was a student just like me but she ended up working in the industry as a dancer and got out and started making dancewear so I would often take her to the clubs to sell her garments and then she said to me you should make some clothes as well since you coming with me and I thought hmm not a bad idea. 

Before I decided to make clothes for the entertainers I noticed how crazy girls would go for unique and bad ass outfits, so I knew the bar was set high to give the girls what they want and I gotta admit I wasn't sure if I could do it, but I mustered up the idea and gave it a try.  I remember on several occasions we went to the club and we sold every last outfit we had, we would take a bag full of garments and they would come back empty and we came out with lots of money, it was a great feeling.  At the time I was working at the bank full time and I remembered spending nights after work making outfits to sell for the weekend, even during my lunch break I would go to the local clubs and sell my outfits to the day shift.  Tampa is known for having a lot of clubs so I went to the clubs that I knew would let me in because some clubs do not allow vendors to sell (which is crazy to me).

After going to a few clubs and marketing my stuff on Myspace, I got approached with local photographers to shoot my pieces,  this is when I started to create more swimwear rather than dancewear because at the time people were looking for sexy and innovative swimwear due to the market only having bland swimwear products.  At this time I developed another brand called LuJeanik.  I did put the dancewear on hold for several reasons including not being able to get into the clubs and pursued my other line instead.  During this time Myspace was dying out and then came Facebook but it was not like the Facebook we have today where you could really market your stuff.  Fast Forward, I left my full time banking job and saw the opportunity with Instagram, as I saw it was a really good marketplace to showcase pictures of your work.  I went through a few name changes with my company but Attitude Behavior Clothing was what stuck with me because not only did I want to sell dancewear, I wanted to sell bad ass clothing as well.  From the beginning I guess you can say I didn't just want to look at my brand as just one thing or limit myself; I always try to think big.  At the time, I didn't have a website so I looked for outlets to sell my stuff and I found out about Etsy.  From the beginning, I was able to see how much people loved the things I sold and got awesome results and feedback from my products.  At this point, I realized that my brand is more that what I imagined it to be,  I went in thinking about selling other things other than dancewear, but I didn't imagine people to love what I did (I know it sounds weird but its true) as a creator, I guess we often have these moments, but I kept going and I am so glad I did.  I went through the whole phase of being a little embarrassed to say I make dancewear, but I really enjoy it because I don't see dancers as strippers, I see them as entertainers.  They are just like the artists you pay to see (well at least the ones that take their craft seriously).  I just love the glitz and glam of the entertainment industry which is similar to the hip hop industry.  Its like letting the people know who's the Queen (humbly speaking), its more so a presence without talking, if you get what I mean.  

Now Attitude Behavior Clothing is going on three years now and we are continuously growing and searching for ways to bring our existing clients and new clients what they are looking for.  We feel like what we have to offer, there is a market for it.  Our clothing is not just for exotic dancers, its for women that are not afraid to step out and be themselves, regardless of what any other chick, dude or whatever has to say.  This is why the name is Attitude Behavior Clothing, because we make clothes for Queens..ya dig!

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